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Creative capitalism
Is the coined the term regardless of stereotypes and the original principle, always try new things, to.
It is thought KASUYA brand UP, customer satisfaction to get stuck we have.

Now, the food and beverage industry has said very tough times.
Decline in population due to the declining birthrate in Japan increased costs associated with alcohol away from sluggish soaring material prices and labor costs rise, consumption, young people, food safety,... etc.
However, I want to aim companies in times like this individual as a spindle and can be active.
I our global kitchen (KASUYA) food services operates many business center.
We intend to produce a variety of, regardless of restaurant.
However, I think that is more important than the rapid expansion of sales and store.
Listen here to achieve customer satisfaction, employee's dream and desire to pour, "KASUYA" fans to increase the passion, "and there should be" only one company aims.

Co., Ltd. global kitchen
President Shinzo tsuno

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